Friday, May 6, 2016

The Talent Show 2016

For their final stab at the school talent show, Megan, Kayli and Alyana wrote a skit about.....uh.....I couldn't actually tell you what it was about. But, they seemed to know and it made them giggle. 

A lot. 

I do know that it had something to do with the star wars characters and getting lost or looking for Naboo?

They spent an afternoon at our house working out a script and costumes and trying to make it through the entire thing without dissolving into a heap of 10 year-old-girl-laughter. 

Which is pretty stinking fantastic, if you ask me. 

The other moms were skeptical and threatened to veto the whole thing if it didn't feel "cohesive" or "understandable".'ve met these girls, right?

We had a little mom talk and I imparted some of my hard-earned talent show thick skin and they agreed to let them go through with it. That's right! Momma fought the battle and brought home the victory! I went to the plate! I stuck out my neck! I cosigned! I vouched!

And then they quit. 

But not before I got this great picture. 

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