Monday, May 9, 2016

Band Concerts, Choir concerts, Jazz concerts and nailing the bunny loops

As the school year comes to a close, there is one final hurdle that we must overcome.....the final concerts. 

Wow. There are so many.  It's a blur of performances for several weeks.

Ethan helping Everly with her shoes before his final Band Concert. It was a doozy. 3 HOURS! There was a point where I was looking through my purse for scraps of granola bars. Somebody really should have called an intermission and set up a bake sale...they would have made a killing. 

When Ethan wasn't on stage (about 2 1/2 hours of that time) we entertained ourselves with selfies....

Everly learned to conduct a full Symphonic band through observation. She had plenty of time to get her technique just right.

And Laney learned how to tie her shoes. All it took was 3 hours of uninterrupted practice time. Easy.

Next up was Mathew's "Mock Rock" concert. Which is the fancy name for CST's talent show.  His jazz band went first (his trombone is poking out there on the left side of the back row.) I was fully prepared to watch his group, clap really super loud and get out of there. But the acts were so riveting...I just couldn't make myself walk away from it. The bravery of some of those kids!! It was inspiring. It was a perfect representation of the glory and the horror that is middle school. 

Megan had her final band concert (we missed it...Mark was running late with kids and I was at Mat's Jazz concert) and immediately after she sang in her final Special Chorus concert. Next year she'll be in middle school band...unless she quits. She's still mulling it over.

This was Mat's Jazz Band Concert. He really loved Jazz band this year and especially enjoying Mr. Hepford as a teacher. He told me he didn't have any solos, but all the sudden he was up there and playing. I'm not even sure I got a picture of it. 

Jazz band is great. I used to hate it...then me kids were in it the strangest thing happened. It became WAY more interesting. Weird. 

I know for a FACT we had one or two other concerts...but that's all I got. It's a totally crazy mess of making sure we are there and cheering for the child who is performing. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the music in our home and I am thrilled for the experience they are having and the friends they make along the way. Totally worth it.

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