Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Photos...Donkey Hill

One of the great things about visiting at Sarah's house is the pictures.  She is a talented naturally I asked her to take a few shots of us.

I was not disappointed.

We went up to Donkey Hill for a natural venue and we imagined what it would be like when they are living there full-time.  I admit! I was a little jealous!

I love how Sarah has the ability to capture a child's personality in her photographs.

This is a classic Ethan expression....and WHY WHY WHY didn't I take the time to get his hair cut before we did this?

Oh sweet Mathew.  I love his soft eyes.




Mark and a very pregnant me....(hello in there, Everly!)

And a couple more of my favorites...

True glimpse of parenthood....tissueless booger wiping.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Turkey day has come again.

We joined the Allreds/Fields/Malquists/Huffords of Arkansas for our fantastic feast.

And it was exactly what I wanted it to be....

Sarah produces and golden brown piece of heaven...lovingly roasted over several hours...

While Tom and John deep fry a turkey in mere minutes....

Like proud papas...

Anna snuggles in with Piper for a Thanksgiving nap.

Boys sneak in a little video-gaming.

Kids feast picnic style.

We sing Happy Birthday to our own Grandpa Joe.

And then we just sit around, digest, chat and go back and forth with new plates of pie and other delightful desserts.

It was a wonderful day.

A recipe for you.

Today was the day that I introduced my little girls to a Blanchard favorite.

Mashed potatoes with hot dogs.

Maybe you think that sounds gross. Maybe you are dumb.

Maybe you need to stop judging and go get out a pan and have some mashed potatoes and hotdogs.


Use leftover mashed potatoes. This is an important step because if you have to make new mashed potatoes, you will not get the full ghetto vibe of the dish. Authenticity is key.

Then you cut up several hotdogs into those circles that are the exact shape of a windpipe. I will not tell you how many to cut up, because I don't know how much leftover mashed potatoes you have. Suffice it to say, your potato to dog ratio should lean toward the dog. You will thank me.

Now spray your frying pan with pam and brown up the spheres of processed meat-heaven. Don't forget to throw your mashed potatoes in the microwave while you cook. Cold potatoes and hot hot dogs do not make a delicious combination.

When both are heated to your satisfaction. Combine and stir around a bit. It is important to let the essence of the hot dogs permeate the taters.

Then you dish up and top with ketchup.


Don't judge me.

A checklist

I am a list-maker extraordinaire.

I can make a list for anything that needs to be done or ever will be done by myself or anyone in my sphere of influence (the kids).  And I'm positive they love it. They wouldn't have it any other way.

I also have a running list of guilt-producing undone tasks. Things that probably would take me about 15 minutes to accomplish and for some reason I just can't bring myself to do them. Number one on that list is to get blogging again. I'm stuck on those birthdays. I could do a post a day and get caught up in no time.


But then there is the thing where I don't feel like it.

Then I tell myself that it's better to "live life rather than blog about life".

So comforting.

Then I tell myself that there is a "time and season for everything".  Maybe this isn't my blogging season?

These conversations don't seem to have any effect on my guilt checklist.


We proceed.

To the birthdays.

And then I will call the hospital and pre-register for the impending birth of my 6th child. I will voluntarily subject myself to paperwork that requires me to look up information and addresses.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I think it's safe to say that this Halloween was one of those ones that just got away from me.  I didn't ever quite get around to taking photos of all the kids in their costumes, as I have in years past. Let's be honest...that is the dangerous thing about getting all ambitious with stuff like becomes EXPECTED.

Although I know for a fact that the only living person who really cares whether I take nice photos of my kids in their costumes each year is....


So that's great.

Here's what I did get.

Documentation of the crazy overboardness of this holiday. I mean, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO GET DRESSED UP!??

There was the visit to Mark's office:

The pumpkin carving night at school:

Okay...this doesn't count. They aren't dressed up and they are ridiculous cute.

The ward party:

( photo!)

Meg at the school parade/party:

Mathew after he de-costumed himself at the school parade/party (can ya blame him?):

There was the "Night of the Living Farm" at the Deanna Rose Farmstead:

Ha! Stole this photo off the world wide web!

Then there was the pre-trick or treating pizza at the neighbors house:

And finally the ACTUAL trick-or-treating.


And here's the real kicker...

The only thing worse (parentally speaking, that is) than NOT taking the taking only half of the photos.

That's why I win the lame mom award.

Give me my trophy.

Because here are pictures of 2/5ths of my kids:

Did you notice that she opted out of the bee costume on Halloween?

And because I never ever want to forget the way Laney likes to work the runway:

And because Halloween wasn't crazy enough, we still went ahead with our white paper bag lantern thing.

I think it might have something to do with keeping up with the Joneses.

I'll discuss it with my therapist.

So pretty!

And I didn't actually smack that lady who said to her sweetie-pie, "Watch out, honey, those are a fire hazard." I just role-played it out in my head.

Awesome Halloween everyone.

Take five.