Saturday, May 21, 2016

Meshugge 2016 - Peanut butter & Jelly Legs

Time for Meshugge 2016!! (That name is so fun to say).

This year Mark's team was "Peanut Butter & Jelly Legs....a name I believe picked by Jessica Youmans.

Mark, Brandon Hearn, Melissa Gulotta and Jessica Youmans.

I was only there for one event, because so ridiculously busy with all the crazy things in our lives! Someday I'm going to be able to stay and cheer like crazy through the whole thing. We might be very old...but I'll be there.

Synchronized high pull. Look at those forearms! Yeah, baby!

Then everybody's favorite....BURPEES!

Assault bike. Which looks easy but is actually pure torture.

And rowing! Ugh.

There were, like, seven other events that I didn't get to see. But the event lasted all day and Mark was SO TIRED when he got home. It's fun to hear all the tales about each event and the funny things that were said. 


And after:

Crossfit is cool.

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