Saturday, May 1, 2010


You are about to receive too much information.

Prepare yourself.

Because I have a bone to pick and I've got to write something because every time I open my blog, the very sight of that nasty burger sends me running for the bathroom. I find it very disgusting.... at this time. This does not mean I will find it disgusting forever. I reserve the right to eat one in the future, so there.

But let's get back to business. I was about to vent. About to spew forth the bitterness of my feelings in regards to several aspects of growing a baby.

First of all. It really sucks.

Second of all. I am seriously ticked about it.

Third of all. I thought after doing this 4 OTHER TIMES I would know that already. Some people never learn to stay away from other people's newborns with there cunning trickery and there little baby smelly smells.

Not that I am averse to the entire proposition of being pregnant. I really love the baby moving and the actual BABY. But I'll save that for a more lovey post. For now, I'm really mad.

Who's big idea was it to ramp up saliva production during "morning" sickness? I find myself constantly spitting or swallowing, spitting or swallowing. It's disgusting and it isn't helping.
If you see me open my car door at a stop can rest assured I've opted to spit.

And let see...there's the peeing.

And the sneezing. (Who are kidding here? After four kids, sneezing and peeing are no strangers.)

And the post-lunch burpfest I experience everyday while I wade through the hour long process of picking up my kids from school. Burp..... Burp..... Burp.....

And let's not forget the insane, flaming, brutal heartburn. I'm forced to sleep propped up on pillows like a wealthy old lady. Super fun.

Then there's the fact that I have grown out of all my jeans but my two most roomy and I've opted for some ELASTIC WAIST skirts I scored at Old Navy. I feel utterly thick around the belly and it's messing with my self esteem. Messing with it!

On top of it all, some of my former favorite foods are now repulsive in every possible way. No more Sonic Jr. Deluxe burgers. No more Thai Crunch Salad. No more french fries, ketchup, roast beef, chicken salad, strawberry jello, baked beans, need I go on?

< deep cleansing breath >

14 weeks....14 weeks....14 weeks......