Friday, March 16, 2012

Laney turns four

It was the year of the streamer run through. I must say this was considerably cheaper than the year of the bed-of-balloons.

Also, it is important to warn the roommate not to walk through on accident and ruin the whole thing. That would case birthday tears and trauma.

Then it is down to the kitchen to partake of a Hufford rarity.

The sugar cereal. Celebrate!

Apparently all the big kids were out of school (spring break, maybe?) so we all went for a magical time at (surprise!) Chuck-e-Cheese.

We met up with Courtney and her kids and they made her feel special and loved...even though I had just asked them if they had wanted to join us the day before. I tell you, some moms just get it.

Later, we spent the day at our house making her favorite dinner (spaghetti, anyone?) and her birthday cake. This year Laney chose to decorate her cake using some of her favorite things:

I think it has that certain something, don't you? I think it's the pink beer stein that I love the best.

One thing about have a gaggle of siblings....somebody (Megan) is gonna make you a rockin birthday crown.

After our dinner we adjourned to the piano room for presents.

Her heart's desire was waiting for her....

I'm positive she had no idea what it could be.

I am a master at disguises and gift-wrapping. A winning combination.

And it was a hit!

Happy 4th, Laneybug.