Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at Grandma's house

First of all, let's all admit that having Easter at Grandma's house is a wonderful thing.

It's full of wonder and surprises.

Frootloops and popcorn and Shrek before bedtime.

Keeping watch over a de-nested baby bird and its fearless mama.

Hotdogs and name-brand potato chips and hunkering down in the bathroom with sleeping bags over our heads during tornado warnings.

It'll be hard to beat it next year.


We drove to Arkansas under the guise of picking up our fridge and backyard swingset before we close on the house in a few weeks. So, we thought we'd stay a couple days and enjoy Grandma Jean and Grandpa Joe.

Easter morning started off with scripture reading in my favorite room in their house.... as I like to call it: the quiet room. I promise you, when I walk in that room it's like a sense of calm just washes over me. I want to live in it. Or at least hide out in it from time to time.

After the reading was done, we stalled.....so that Grandma could finish hiding her eggs.

As you can see, she made them really work for it....

Mark cleverly wore his time-saving t-shirt.

And then we released the hounds!

Their baskets were also hidden, so this led to the need for Walmart bags.

Grandma was at the ready to give helpful hints to the underdog.

Even Anna had to work for her treats.

Soon we had all settled in for the sorting of the loot and the counting of the eggs.

And proof that sugar does travel through breastmilk:

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Remember her?

Now, if this had been my first baby, you would be saying, "Enough already with the baby photos and the endless detailed updates!" And I wouldn't listen to you because I would know that deep down inside, you are really dying to know how many ounces my sweetums had gained since last Tuesday,


This is my fifth baby and I bet you forgot I had a fifth baby.

Her name is Anna.

She is almost 5 months old and I must say, she is very cute in her miniature denim overalls:

She also likes to lick the measuring spoons and it is how I get a few things done around here. I have 5 sets of measuring spoons, so that works out to approximately 8 1/2 minutes to whip up a little bit of something to eat for dinner.

This morning we reluctantly ventured into the fascinating world of rice cereal.

Personally, I think rice cereal sounds gross. I promised her if she gave it a try, we'd speed through the orange veggies and get right to the oreos.

She seemed pretty happy with this plan.

Now.....just for review:

Fifth baby.




Peace out.