Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quick trip to Chicago

We sent the boys to stay with the Wilkes. The girls to stay with the Flynns. 

And we flew to Chicago. Mark had some business meetings, so I tagged along. The Cubbies!

I read my book and it was heaven. No interruptions!

After a long morning of travel we had a strange business lunch with some clients of Marks. I am unfamiliar with the world of making small talk with people that want something from you (not ME, but you know what I mean.) This lunch felt very long. We went straight from Harry Carry's to a facility where Mark and Carl were scheduled to do a tour. I couldn't bear the thought. How do I fake fascination with cords and pipes?
I can't!  
I won't!

So I didn't. 

They were happy to let me read my book in the lobby. For TWO hours. 

I read, and then I snoozed and then I read and snoozed. I watched some political show and learned way too much about the latest awful thing that Trump said/did. 

We finally got to check into our hotel. We took off our shoes and listened to the silence. 

Highlight of the trip. 

Then we were off to the "L". 

Got to see one of our old Royals play for the Cubs. Traitor! We love you! (Actually, I don't really feel too strongly about baseball or the players....I don't know why I said that...do whatever you wanna do, Zobrist. Especially if it's helping the Cubbies win and making all of Mark's sports dreams come true.)

We had fun!

I had buyers remorse when I ordered a Chicago dog right before I saw a buffalo style dog come out all yummy with its sauce and coleslaw. AW, dang!

Not to shabby for a one-day trip!

And I finished my book.

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