Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuff Mudder 2012

While the kids and I were working hard at the Pumpkin Run.

Mark was on vacation in Utah, taking a little stroll through the Tuff Mudder course.

It was a chance for him to get away and unwind.

He packed his best mustache...

And met with friends and family on a brisk October morn.

They enjoyed such pleasantries as:

The Arctic ENEMA.

The Electric Eel.

Electroshock Therapy


Funky Monkey

Walk the Plank

No problem.

Nothing a little hose-off in 46 degree weather won't take care of....

I think his main motivation in doing the Tuff Mudder at all was just to get out of really challenging himself with the Pumpkin Run....

I mean really.  You didn't see us all snuggled up in hypothermia emergency blankets.

Did you?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A few thoughts on the Pumpkin Run....

I admit it! I am writing about this a year after it happened...

Looking through these pictures made me think of a few things.

1. Sunnyside is pretty awesome.

2. Mark was in Utah running in the "Tuff Mudder". So Ethan stepped up and ran the 5k with Mathew. Which was a pretty awesome thing to do.

3. These loud clapper things are so fun. Until they aren't. Then you get to figure out how to keep 3 pairs of these things in the bottom of your double stroller.

Also, Megan has aged like a decade in this last year...(I'm from the future!)

4. I miss Laney's cute little bob haircut. But I also love her long braids...a conundrum.

5. Anna is....exactly the same.

6.  To review....brothers are awesome.