Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Things are kind of changing around here. The big kids are all in school and that leaves me and the two littles to bebop about and do a few things on our own. Mostly that means grocery shopping and chores. But today, it meant going to the Farmstead to feed a few animals and enjoy the sunshine.

Having less kids means that the ones you do have get to spend more time on the activities they are interested in. 

Like Anna and the milking pails. Normally I would rush her through this, but today I can just find a bench and let her milk to her heart's content. 

We fed the pushy little goats. Anna is totally experienced and has no fear, as previously established.

Everly got a quick lesson on these greedy little guys. They really are so pushy!

But soon she was handling it like a pro. Look how she's even got her hand near it's teeth....*shudder*.

The other great thing about only having a couple kids with you is that you can spring for treats without breaking the bank.

Heck...let's have ice cream!

It only seems fair to go get onion rings with Ethan later.

I'm thinking....

Pizza with Laney?
Custard with Mathew?
Chinese food with Megan?

Fair is fair.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Big tires and smooth moves

I admit it.

I love it here. When else in my live have I been outside flipping tires and getting stronger just because I want to?

It feels different for me. And I like this version of myself. I love that I don't worry anymore about whether or not I am wearing make-up in public. I love my muscles that are starting to show. I love that I can lift things and pull things and jump on things.

And Everly gets free dance lessons, to boot!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Anna ditches the training wheels

Anna has been practicing on her balance bike for weeks. She's ready to take the step of taking off her training wheels and trying out her real bike. 

She only needed a couple breaks for tears and angry exclamations, "I can't do it! I hate this bike!"

And then she was good to go....

Everly was sufficiently impressed.

Hip Hip Hooray!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We had a court of honor tonight. These are my favorite because they last about 20 minutes and then we have treats. 

Boy treats (brownies, ice cream, cookies). Not girl treats (fruit salads, veggie trays, greens with vinaigrettes).

Mathew received his 2nd class rank.

And Ethan received his Life.

Troop 783

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Tonight I attended a dress rehearsal for the upcoming meeting of Artist, Interrupted.  This is a group of ladies that get together to share their artistic talents. I think they feel they have been interrupted by other things in life, like kids and husbands and work that pays money. 

They asked me to join the group way back when, but it sounded like something that would annoy me, so I said 'no'. 

Nevertheless, Amy (our 1st violinist) is a member. So we are performing. Not to mention Nate's wife is the leader of the group. So we are performing.

Tonight we played the 1st movement of our Handel and the 3rd movement of our Mendelssohn. It went pretty well, except for the parts I faked because it seemed smart to do so instead of putting my viola in my lap and having a good cry. 

Then there were several other people who read excerpts or played original compositions. Some were sweet. Some were awkward. Some were shy and nervous. (I relate). 

Other were....NOT. 

These two girls did a frantic, high speed performance of the complete works of Shakespeare. There was embracing and dying and yelling and asides to the audience.

It was......indescribable.

And I was trapped. They were between me and the door.

All I could do was take a few photos as subtly as possible and text Mark so he could share in the silliness.

I need to form a group called Sleep, Interrupted.

I would serve cocoa and we would wear snuggly socks.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

She sticks it!

Laney went to McCracken's Spring Festival today and showed all her skills that she's learned in the last year. 

She did great!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter baskets...hold the chocolate

The Easter Bunny was given strict instructions to go easy on the chocolate this year. Nothing like a basket full of leg cramps and an ER visit round out the perfect Easter. 

So we went another route. 

Made possible by the dollar store. (And a good amount of fruity candies).

Look at Anna's face! This is the feeling....that wonder and excitement of seeing a basket full of color and fun and packages and books and AAAHHH!  I love that!

It was wonderful. Less munching. More playing. More laughing and helping and constructing.

I think we have found our new balance.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dallman's Annual Egg Hunt...2015

This year we are forgoing all other hunts for the one that really counts. 

The Dallmans. It's small. It's fast. It's early. There are no tears and no magical money eggs for the kids to be mad they didn't find. Or to be sassy because they DID find. (Which is worse? I don't know.)

So we will go see our ward friends that share our proximity in the alphabet and then we will enjoy Easter tomorrow.

Kelley and Charles Andrews 

Dylan Clarke and Bruce Hurst

Natalie Horsepool with Kelly and Scarlett

Anna with her chocolate treasures. I'd say that's just the right amount.

She might not agree.

Friday, April 3, 2015


We had Luke Johnson over tonight. 

The boys are in love with this baby. 

I think they would pay Marie for the chance to babysit.

Can't say I blame them. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I don't understand what in the world is happening with these eggs. Pre-dyed eggs? For 5 bucks a dozen? 


Who is buying these? 

You know you are tired of shopping when the cold yogurt cups are an acceptable pillow option.

Of course, that was before you realize there's cushy watermelon RIGHT THERE.