Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ethan at 10

It's that time again!

Time to check in with the Hufford pups and find out what makes them tick in 2012.

I ask them each a few questions and try to write down their answers word for word...because that's the fun part.  Then I'll wrap it up with a few observations of my own.

This is Ethan at 10 (going on 11).

What is your favorite part of life?

Ummm...I'm really looking forward to doing horse riding lessons again. I also enjoy playing kickball with the neighbors when they're actually out. But it's a rare thing to see us out there anymore. I also like Dragonvale alot. (That's a game on the ipad.)

Your favorite food?

Either chicken pillows or shepherd's pie or going out to "We Be Smokin". "We Be Smokin" is awesome. Oh wait...there was another thing I was looking forward to.....going to Utah and climbing Mt. Umpanogas....or something.

What do you think of school? 

It's fine. Math is getting harder definitely. Amayah is a good friend and I like playing chess against Hunter at Chess Club.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I might want to be a bioligist, marine biologist or an artist.

What is your least favorite food? 

Rice. I do not like rice. It's just so plain and when you eat it it just doesn't taste good.

What is your happiest memory? happiest memory was when I was playing with Abram riding bikes and a hawk landed right by us. We just watched it until it got scared and flew away.

Your favorite teacher?

Mrs. Wagner in 4th grade.

Favorite song? 

Smooth Criminal. The Alien Ant Farm version.

Favorite movie?

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

TV show?

American Serengeti....about the buffalo


The Black Stallion

So your best friends are Amaya and Hunter?  

And Bryce and John F.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 

Alaska. They have really good wildlife there. Like wolves, moose, deer, ospreys, gophers, bald eagles. Yep...bald eagles are mostly in the Northern regions.

1 word that describes you?

Is there a way to mix artist and animal lover?

Advice to give your parents?

Our family needs to get outside and go to the zoo or the waterpark or something.

If you could be an animal, what would you be? 

I'd have to say an osprey because they are fast and can fly and soar and experience things humans can never experience in their lifetime. 

What is the grossest thing you can imagine?

A booger covered ostrich.

And there you have it. Ethan's life according to Ethan. 

My turn.

He is incredibly sweet and has a true soft spot for babies. He is hard pressed to keep his attention on anything else when Anna is in the room. 

This has made him a very handy extra set of arms when I need both of mine free for a few minutes.

At the pinewood derby this year, his poor car didn't win a single race. It was crappy.
But he smiled and congratulated the other boys and was truly gracious. My mother heart swelled with pride and I gave him many embarrassing mom-hugs.

He still has the thickest, fastest-growing head of hair I have ever come across. It is a forest. It is a scrub-brush. It can get stinky in record-time. It is its own entity. It should have a capitol....and a state bird.  It probably already does.

 I am proud of this kid. He's a good guy and is somehow managing to grow up despite providing his mother and father with a never-ending opportunity to figure parenting out. He is endlessly forgiving. 

For him I am perfectly willing to continue reliving fifth-grade math..and social studies...and spelling...and...

Friday, February 17, 2012



I went to Walmart Customer Service desk and a) paid for an item that I accidentally shoplifted last week but didn't have the energy to unbuckle my kids from their carseats and trudge back in to pay for. b) picked up two items that were payed for but forgot at the checkout lane c) returned an item that I bought but didn't need. Walmart, we are now even steven. My conscience is clear.

I brought in all my groceries from the van and put them on the floor because the countertops were too cluttered to accomodate my haul. I sat down for a moment and took my attention off my extremely curious toddler. I paid for it by cleaning up 4 sticks of unwrapped butter off the rug in the kitchen. Did you know that butter is 2.99 a pound? Even at Aldi?

I sat down again. I didn't have the oomph to put away the groceries just yet. I paid for it by cleaning up another pound of butter off of the rug in the kitchen.

I never learn.

After school Ethan informed me that he was the one who made up the term "Linsanity". I told him he is very clever. And also very resourceful to get it into mainstream media so quickly.

I performed the baby heimlich. For real. And it was very very scary.

We had Skyline chili for dinner because it is important to stay in touch with our Cincinnati roots.

We microwaved a bar of Ivory soap.   Because Pinterest told me to.  It is cool.  But gets very nasty in the tub and creates more floaties than I find acceptable. You have been warned.

Did the prep work for tomorrow's "Crazy Hair Day" at school.  Lots and lots of little braids were quickly braided while the toddler reeked havoc on an otherwise clean room. I was helpless and she knew it.

I laid down by Mark to read for a few minutes before he fell asleep at his usual 8:30 bedtime (here's to you, early-morning seminary!) and fell asleep....leaving the TV, lights, and stove on. All night.

Somehow we are still alive to greet Friday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Valentines was brought to you by....

Some say that Valentines day was invented by the card companies.

I think it is secretly sponsored by Pinterest.

Can I get a witness, ladies?

Here was our Valentines day from start to finish:

Heart shaped cinnamon rolls?


Hanging balloons and cocoa with heart marshmallows?


Heart hair?


Joyschool heart painting with toilet paper rolls?


Cutsie saying on a Crush? Homemade valentine notes folded into a litte envelope?


Mozzarella sticks made from string cheese and wonton wrappers? (Best thing that ever happened to me)


Sundaes served in chocolate bowls made with water balloons?


3 things happened:

1) The kids loved it
2) I was exhausted
3) I forgot to give Mark a kiss.

Next year Valentines Day is going to be sponsored by a good restaurant and a nice babysitter.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We're in the thick of it.

Mark took this photo of me around Halloween last year. I keep running across it as I search for other photos and everytime I see it, I think to myself, 



"That is exactly how it is, isn't it?"

"Why yes, yes it is."

Turning 36...

The thing I think of when I ponder what it is to be thirty-six, is that is seems like that is the age when my risk factors for all sorts of things shoot way up. Way, WAY up.  Things like blod clots and heart attacks and obesity and pregnancy complications.

So I've go that going for me.

Let's focus on happier things.

Like meatloaf.

Well, technically that would be meat casserole.

And some ridiculous potatoes. Think small. Think crispy. Think butter.

And then there is the fun of being the center of attention for a whole meal. All my little chickies gathered around me. Mark taking pictures that will document this moment for the all our posterity. 

"This is what Mom looked like when she was Thirty-SIX!"

And then it hits you that you forgot to take a shower today. Whoopsie!

Not to worry. There is chocolate cake.

Infused with multi-colored wax.

And there is a card that turns into a crown.

(I see that expression on my face, and even though I know that I look ridiculous, I am also aware that I make that face ALOT. Even looking at this photo makes me involuntarily make that face.)

And don't forget the fireworks!

Here's to thirty-six and all of its risk factors!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

World peace

Some might say that in the grand scheme of things, with all the crime, poverty and wickedness that run rampant on the earth....that my problems are small potatoes.

And tonight....

They would be right.

How many potatoes does one need to make mashed potatoes for 5 hungry kids and a hard working husband?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Review: On Little Wings

My friend, Regina Sirois, has written a book. She is the blogger that you can find in my blogroll under the name "Tapper and Company". Get it? Tapper? As is tap tap tapping the typewriter keys?

Now you know.

Anyway....she likes to confess her innermost hangups and worries over at her blog. And so in her honor, I confess:

1. I know the author(ess).

2. I really like her. She's my friend and I want her to like me back.

3. I was sort of afraid when I decided to read her book, because I knew I would eventually need to tell her what I thought of it. What if I didn't like it that much? What if it was one of those books that make you roll your eyes and say to yourself, "oh, please...".

4. I had already made up my mind that I was going to lie to her if I didn't like it. Do you think the Heavenly Councils will reference this blog at the judgement?

5. I nervously asked others who had already started it, "What do you think?" "Is it good?"....and I was encouraged by their enthusiastic responses.

So I began.

And I read.

And I kept thinking to myself, "How did this come out of her head?" "How does a person make this stuff up?" "Wow...this is a really good book...."

And relief washed over me.

And then I forgot about the fact that it was my friend who thought all of this up.

And I just read and read and read.

And when I finished the book at 12:30 in the morning, I thought it was the greatest thing that I could text the author and say, "I finished it! It was awesome! When do we get the next book?"

Because, really, how often do you get to text the author?


I want to say that my favorite thing about this book (besides Little), was that when I read the part where they finally get their much anticipated kiss (spoiler!)...and it was perfect. So perfect, I turned back a page or two and reread it, just to savor it again. I love a good long-awaited kiss. I love it so much, I'm perfectly willing to watch 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice just to get to that last few seconds with Elizibeth and Mr. Darcy.

Because it is totally worth it.

Loved the book!

Now, get tapping, Tapper.  You've got to keep your fans happy!