Monday, September 17, 2012

Mark's 35th

Mark turned 35 and it was a big day!

He grew a beard for the occasion.

I think the very best part was the card-giving. These were made with love, care, crayons, alternate versions of the "Roses are Red" poem, and word processing techniques that I have no idea how to do.

Mat's card started out...."Dear Dad, This is your son Mathew."

Just to clarify.

Megan made her own envelope. FANCY.

This one has a fold out.

I love the looks on their faces as they watch their dad read the card they made. It's that look of pleased anticipation.

How does one go about overlaying a dragon image on top of the text?

I know not.

Anna assisted in quality control in the making of the cake.

Still testing....

Still testing....

......and yes, she is still in her pajamas.  At dinner time. 

What??  No judging allowed!

Mark made every effort to give me ample time to switch over from video taking mode to picture taking mode in order to get my "blowing out the candles" snapshot....

But I failed.  And I forced him to pretend to blow them out again.

And that is why he gave me the constipated face. It was my punishment. 

I have learned my lesson.

After dinner..... we raced!


They raced.

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Student council

Mathew didn't feel that breakdancing at the talent show was enough to give my a stress-related breakdown this year, so he decided that he'd run for Student Council. 

He didn't win, but he handled it beautifully and with grace. 

I was a proud mama.