Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laney's 3rd Birthday

First up! Only a few (4) short months months ago, Laney decided it was time to turn 3. It had, after all, been three years since her birth. It seemed like a good time.

We continued our tradition of Birthday Balloons in the morning.

With a little Chuck e cheese for extra flair.

I'm fairly certain that we visited the Chuck at some time during the day. It's a safe bet.

Unlike her siblings, she opted for a non-green cake.

She's an odd one.

She did order up our favorite spaghetti with Dad's sumptuous meat sauce and garlic bread with a double helping of buttery corn. It's almost birthday (and Sabbath) law around here.

There were gifts!

Trendy eyewear:

A super cute tea set from Grandma Kafaleen. (With matching tablecloth and coordinating utensils!)

A big girl bike! Only to be ridden in big girl undies....who cares that it was her 34th pair of the day?

But the winner of the evening was the impulse buy I snagged on my way out of Target the night before. She fell in love.

If my dogs didn't poop, I would fall in love too.

You are super sweet, Miss Laney. Thanks for picking pink icing.

Hold on to yer butts.

I've neglected to blog EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY we've had this year.


So here it comes.

Prepare yourselves for alot of green frosting.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp

After several days of crafting with my three girly girls, it was time to go to Family Day at Cub Scout Camp. We packed a picnic (Cheetos, Capri-Sun and Suzy Q's), applied our sunscreen and bug spray and headed out to Lake Olathe.

The boys were dying to show us all the totally awesome stuff they had been doing during the week. High on that list were:

1. Fishing
2. BB guns
3. Archery
4. The Mulberry Tree

We headed off to the fishing spot first. This was our fatal mistake. We didn't realize that it would take so long to get over there and we also didn't realize that there was nobody there to help the boys show off their newly acquired skills. Not a pole in sight.

Still, it was pretty and we walked out on the dock. It was hot.

We started making our way back to the camp and then we got sidetracked and ended up participating in a lengthy game of human chess. Mark said he would be a pawn. He felt he could really get into character.

Nearby was the acclaimed mulberry tree. "MOM! Did you know that you can EAT these mulberries? They are awesome! C'mon! Let's go get some!"

It was hot. And the tree was way over there across the field. I thought I might get out of it if we tried to distract the boys with going over to the BB gun station. "Don't you want to go shoot some AWESOME BB guns? Huh?"

They were more excited about this mulberry tree than you might think.

Megan was convinced. She took off like Laura Ingalls in the opening sequence of Little House on the Prairie.

Mark started making his way over.

Wouldn't you know it? Those mulberries are pretty tasty. Although you couldn't pay me to have one in my yard. Just imagine the sheer volume of purple berry poop all over your entire yard/house/car. It boggles the mind.

By the time we had trekked down to the lake, played human chess, and partaken of the mulberry tree, it was too late to do the bb guns and archery.

Luckily, there were Cheetos and Suzi Q's to be had.

All things considered, I think we got a pretty accurate picture of what they'd been up to all week. They were having a wonderful time.

The Dance of Humiliation

Whilst going through my high school photos, looking for a few choice pics of Sarah, I came across something I'd like to share. Because I know it will make you smile and because I am positive you have a couple or seven ridiculously embarrassing memories from your own teenage years that would give me a laugh.

This boy was from Springville and I was from Payson. We met in Youth Symphony, which would explain how I ended up going to multiple dances in Springville. Lest you think there was anything steamy between us, we never even held hands. Suffice it to say, he was the first of several weirdo bass players that I "dated" in my high school/college career. I use that term ever so loosely. Oh so loosely.

Anyway, I went to one of those bridal shops and picked out my dress for this dance. I think it was his Junior Prom. I then marched myself over to Payless Shoe Source and picked out white lace satin shoes and had them dyed to match. This was not the last time I would do this. It seemed like the right thing back then. Don't mock me.

The night of the dance rolls around and my date takes one look at me and he freezes.

You see....

He and his friend had already picked up the other girl.

And she was wearing.....


Please enjoy:

We spent the entire night looking like two bridesmaids out for dinner after the reception.

My sisters tried to make me feel better when the pictures came back, and said, "Well her feet look way bigger than yours."

All I could think was "So do her boobs".

You're welcome.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


There are some friends that last forever.

Sarah and I met in the 6th grade in Mr. Houghton's class. I'm sure there is a photo of us somewhere....but the earliest I could find is this one in the cafeteria in high school. I think we were probably juniors.

We have been best friends ever since.

I mean, how can you measure the worth of someone that will climb to the top of Mt. Timpanogas with the rain?

And even though it has been 7 years (one marriage, 4 states, and 6 kids) since we last got together, we always pick up right where we left off.

I fully expect that someday we will be meeting up to talk over what our grandkids are up to.

I love you, Sarah!

Monday, June 20, 2011

He's the man.

There was homemade bread....made into homemade toast.

There was slow and deliberate unwrapping of the gift.

There was posing with the most rocking tie in the land.

There was pork barbacoa. Extra spicy. With avacados.

There was Chocolate Lover's Favorite cake and smizing.

There was movie night. Practically a Hufford tradition.

There was midnight jumping on the trampoline. (substitute photo used...there were plenty to choose from because of the coolness and awesomeness of this Dad)

Sounds like Father's Day!

We love you SO MUCH!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Did you know that Laney likes her apples peeled...not sliced?

It's vital info.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The boys are gone this week. Not gone gone…they still sleep here, but during the day they are at Cub Scout Day Camp. It’s Mathew’s very first year to attend and he barely made the cutoff. Thank heavens for small mercies, because if he had barely missed the cutoff, there would have be heck to pay.

So they are out at Lake Olathe sweating and getting tan.

Meanwhile the girls and I are getting crafty.

We made sparkly tiaras:

This is only one of many times I have busted out my vast selection of sparkly nick nackies for an emergency glam- boost. You really never know when you’ll need alphabet beads or shiny snowflakes.

Anna sat in the Bumbo while we decorated.

At first she wasn’t so thrilled.

But then I made some kind of wacky noise and I got her attention.

So then I made even more wacky noises. I was on to something!

And just like a mom, I had to go and wipe her little snotty nose.

I think that’s enough crafts for one day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer hair

After crying through the snarls and snags for the last time…Megan is feeling good about her decision to “go short”!

She also had enough to donate to “Wigs for Kids”.

SDC13266 (Small)

There’s no turning back….

SDC13267 (Small)

Laney’s not so sure…

SDC13264 (Small)

But soon she’s up in the chair…with 2 boosters.

SDC13274 (Small)

SDC13275 (Small)

Megan enjoys getting pampered a bit.

SDC13279 (Small)

SDC13281 (Small)


SDC13288 (Small)

and sweet….

SDC13292 (Small)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's that time again...

Are you ready to "Name That Hufford?"






Good luck to you all.

Let's hope this is the only time in which you will be a witness to all my children naked at the same time.