Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The girls got in a fight and Mark sent them off to their rooms to "work it out". He wasn't specific and we imagined they'd come back and say that they had apologized and maybe even give an obligatory hug or two to make it convincing. 

Instead, they came up with this: 

Sometimes, they parent themselves better than we do.

Friday, May 25, 2018

No love lost

I think it's fair to say that Ethan will not miss Algebra 2. 

He and his friend, Avery, lit their homework on fire and watched their worries float away. 

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm we had last night made their efforts more smoke than flame. But they were pretty determined.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The last day. We leave it all on the table.

As last days go, this one should go in the record books.


Anna and her ukulele played for the big crowd at the talent show.

She nailed it. I heard multiple "awwww"s from the crowd. I knew exactly how they felt. It doesn't get much sweeter than a 1st grader singing 'You are my Sunshine". No sir.

I also took the liberty of recording Mrs. Knox leading the kids in the Sunnyside school song. I still remember every word of my Barnett Bulldogs. This is the stuff our legacies are made of!

This talent show was LOOOONG. It rivaled church. Anna was 4th. I stuck around to listen to the children of all the people I care about, and finally Everly and I snuck out to go make a picnic and pick up the the big kids.

When we walked in the house, there was a swallowtail butterfly on the kitchen floor. He was calmly drying his wings.  I thought to myself "oh! one of the butterflies hatched out of its chrysalis! Wait, we don't have any caterpillars or chrysliseseses." The only thing I can think is that one of our caterpillars must escaped the jar months ago and attached itself to the back of the fridge or something.

We took him out and put him in the flower pot. I hope the birdies don't snatch him up before he can dry his wings!

We put together a picnic and ran to pick up Ethan. Mat is with Mark at the Crossfit Central Regional Games in Nashville. Megan rode her bike to school. We dropped Ethan home and went to go pick up the girls from Sunnyside. The girls used up their silly string on each other. Why waste it on someone you don't love?

We had a fun picnic at the park with lots of good friends. Mostly its mom therapy while we tell our kids to go push each other on the swings. Meg snagged my phone and got this cute shot of Evelyn on the swings.

We stopped at the downtown library on the way home to pick up 30 books and 2 barbie movies along with Summer Reading Logs. NOW it feels like summer. 

And I'm already feeling anxiety over losing those books.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Talent Show - Ukuleles!!

I feel like it's about time that I accept the fact that my sweet children are always and forever going to sign up for the Sunnyside Talent show. Sure, it stresses me out. Sure, I still have nightmares about sitting down to play my viola in front of the people I love and care about most only to realize that I don't actually know how to play the viola. 

But that isn't stopping these girls! They are trying out for the talent show and they're playing ukuleles!

Unfortunately, Laney forgot she was going to do that until the morning of the audition. Which did not serve to sooth my worried momma heart. I suggested we just let this one go and she work up a performance for the sweet, appreciative, non-judgemental souls at the old folks home! 

No thank you, mother. 

She practiced it through a couple times, popped that ukulele on her back and headed off to school. 

Oh, did I forget to mention that she signed up with a buddy and they sang this together for the first time while they waited in line to audition?

Where do they get this moxie from? (It's from Mark. All from Mark)

Here they are singing their "Lava" song!: 

Feeling nervous and excited, up next to play for the judges:

And they did it! Way to pull it off, ladies!

Then we have Anna!

Her auditions were the very next day.  She had practiced and prepared for this since she got her ukulele in November. This her song. THE song. (Those eyes!)

She's done all she can do, she's up after the kid who is singing a Coldplay song sporting glow sticks and a black light.  She's doing a little motivational self-talk in her mind, I can tell. 

This kind of bravery amazes me.

And she did it!!

Both girls made it through. They are performing on the last two days of school and they are going walk away knowing that they are brave and talented and seriously thankful for their dad's genes.

I think I am learning to love the talent show.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bob Ross Speed Painting

This is the most fun I have had in a long time.

My friend, Regina, organized a farewell party for our other friend, Natalie, who is a seriously talented artist (I am not being generous, she's amazing) and who is moving in a couple weeks. 

So Regina chose a Bob Ross video on YouTube and set up two easels and two palettes with the right paints. She divided us into two teams and then started the video, giving us 3 minutes to follow along with Bob the best we could. It was hilarious and terrifying!

I was the first one to go, so that blue in the far right canvas is my handiwork, thank you. 

He I am a few rounds in. I ended up smearing a mountainside with red on accident. It looked like nature was bleeding.

Lauren is adding some happy trees!

I mean..... not bad, right?

I want to do this again!


Mark loves Crossfit. It's his "thing". He really would live and work at the gym if there were any possible way for him to make a living at it. Which, so far, we can't see a way to do that. So...the next best thing is to convert our garage into a mini gym and invite interested friends and fellow cfitters to come do a workout on Saturday mornings. 

I wasn't entirely excited about this plan until we had our first one...the second it was over, all I could think was: "we need more flooring! and a tech bar, and some abmats some wallballs...and ....and... "  I was officially on board. 

Mark even made some boxes!

He plans the workouts each week and we usually have between 6-12 folks join us to do some fitnessing.

We are now on our 13th week and its going pretty good. 


Monday, May 14, 2018

Summer Bucket List 2018

It's done and it's up on the wall. Mark scored some fancy white paper this year, so we were able to do a deluxe-super-wide version. He knows what kind of things make me excited. We'll use this big fancy paper till it runs out and then we'll be back to the pink roll that we've had since the pioneer times. It never runs out and it never will. It's magical and unknowable.

Ooooh...this is going to be a good summer!