Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's over!

11:40 AM. The Talent Show is over, the dreaded mandatory performance of  "Whip 'n Nae Nae" is over....don't tell her this, but I think she actually had fun. Look at her cute cheeks! 

I actually remembered to send her with silly string this year! Mom points for me! 

And just like that, she's done with elementary school. Done.

Don't worry, I have 3 more cuties coming back to Sunnyside in the years to come. More Sunny and Share nights, more Donuts with Dad, more awkward phone calls with the school nurse.

So we happily take our break from early mornings, packing lunches, homework and dress like fill-in-the-blank day.

Because we'll be back in a few months with a our Bucket list crossed off and having watched way too much tv and stayed up way too late.

And we'll be ready!

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