Monday, May 30, 2016

Megan turns 11!

I love having big kids. I love it! 

It's so nice to have able-bodied streamer hangers around. Even if they aren't as concerned with the "surprise" aspect of things.... Good morning, Megan! Just hang on a bit while I finish taping up the streamers you will then run through with shock and enthusiasm!


Since it's a "Family Year", she chose to go bowling. Did you know that bowling is expensive? Like, "excuse me?" expensive?

It is.

Happy Birthday, I hope you really love bowling. REALLY really love it.

Savor those fries, girl! You are loved.

Just after this photo, Meg sunk into a funk because she is in that unfortunate time of life where your arms aren't strong enough to make that big heavy ball do much more than roll down the gutter....and you are too embarrassed to use the bumpers or the metal ramp.

Kind of a bummer to lose the game on your birthday. But there were fries! Fries are good!

Megan asked to decorate her own cake, so she got to open one present early....frosting tools!

And she made a masterpiece:

She chose Pork Barbacoa for her birthday dinner (a sophisticated choice) and she received her first ipod nano with royal blue speaker. I'm excited to see how her musical tastes develop :)

I snagged these photos from a video I took of everyone singing to her. At first I thought she was getting an early start on inhaling a giant breath for blowing out the candles....

Then I realized she was holding her breath.

The kids were enjoying the show and Mathew was utilizing his best vibrato.

Finally she had to take a breath before she passed out.

You did it!

You're halfway to 22, Megan! Happy Birthday!

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