Saturday, May 7, 2016

Nascar newbies

The Wagners called at the last minute and offered us free tickets to the Nascar races. 

I never considered myself a Nascar kind of gal, but I've always considered myself a free stuff kind of gal, so we stopped at Walmart for some earplugs and headed to the Kansas Speedway. 

It was SO LOUD. I cannot stress enough how glad I was to have those earplugs. It would have been unbearable without them.

At first the whole thing was exciting! The speed and the noise and the pit stops were fascinating. 

But after about an hour of watching them go round and round and round...I started to realize that Nascar is kind of monotonous. We decided to entertain ourselves with trying to get a picture of a car right as it past by us. It wasn't easy. I had lots of photos of the fence.

But Ethan got this one!

In the end, we left early because, well, we were super bored, and I think the guys that gave us the tickets snuck out about 30 minutes earlier. We also had no desire try and make it back to our car with the other 74,000 people there that night.

That's a lot of bodies to get on the ONE SHUTTLE they had working the parking lot.

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