Monday, January 5, 2015

Everly at two

Oh little Miss Everly.

That thing happened where she woke up one day and suddenly she had ideas and opinions and things she definitely does NOT want to do. It happened to the other five and it has happened to her too.

BUT! She also has a sense of humor and an intense love of Elsa (of Frozen, of course).  We can be walking down any store aisle and if there is any type of Frozen merchandise stashed anywhere, she senses it and starts saying, "UH UH! UH UH!" That's code for: ELSA! When I hear that, I can look up and never-fail there is a Frozen toothbrush stashed in a giant bin of loofahs. It's a talent.

Speaking of "UH UH".....that is definitely her go-to phrase. She says a handful of words: apple, purple, no, Laney, Anna, Mama, Dada, Ee (Ethan), Maymee (Megan), Toe Toe (Cocoa), Peash (Please), yah yah yah (cereal), me me (chocolate in any form), Baby (her word for herself or any small animal), bye-bye, hi, heh-yo (hello), UP!,  wah wah (water), and, ball, ammah (grandma).....I'm sure there might be a couple more....

She will say any of these words. Anytime. But if you ask her to repeat any thing else, she will simply say, "uh uh." or even better, she'll just agree with you.

An example:  "Everly, can you say 'Mathew'?"

"Uh huh"

"Everly, can you say 'go'"?

"Uh huh"

"Everly, can you say 'peaches'"?


That reminds me. All fruit are apples. She loves peaches and oranges and strawberries and she calls them all apples. What she really doesn't like are apples.

Oh...and blueberries. She doesn't appreciate blueberries in any form.

All colors are purple. Except for red and green. Those are....wait for

She loves Clifford and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Frozen!! Don't forget Frozen!

She has great hair.

She falls to sleep to Kurt Bestor's album "Evening's Angels" every night. And she still holds my hand.

She is frighteningly good at navigating my iphone for games and little kid shows.

She has a special talent for making a mess....

She loves to help stir the eggs and the pancake batter.

She hates poofy coats.

She loves Rice Krispies.

She has become Anna's best friend, worst enemy and all around co-conspirator.

She can sing "Jingle Bells" and "Reverently, Quietly" in their entirety. Using the words, "uh uh", of course.

She is a world-class snuggler and she makes me glad every day that I have her in my life.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

In kahoots

I love it when they put their heads together to discuss how to bring about maximum chaos and destruction.