Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day at the K

Fieldtrips aren't really my thing. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around going with my kids when they are with a class full of their friends...and several responsible adults that have chosen to make a career out of shaping young minds. 

Why would they want me there?

Don't they want to relax with their homies?

Nope. All the parents go, in fact... many times the mom AND dad will both go? Don't these people have jobs?

So I try to pick one a year that is super important and I ship the littles off to a loving friend (Julia) and we make a day of it. 

This year it was "Day at the K" with Megan. 

We sat in the scorching sun for about two minutes and then moved to the chilly shade.  There was a science and weather demonstration and then we found our seats right in the fountain section.

Megan charmed me into springing for chicken fingers and a big foam claw. I bought a KC hat because my head was on fire. And hey, the Royals are pretty good, their no Cubbies, but not to shabby.

Eventually she found her friends and they set up camp by the fountains where their was  a nice misty breezed to cool them off. 

Soon it was a large group and I was secretly wishing I could join in without being the lamest mom ever!

My KC hat would have to do.

We took off right after the seventh inning. Royals were losing and we had kids to pick up. Not a bad fieldtrip!

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