Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Work with me, Doctor!

Okay, so last Friday Laney had her dreaded 4 month appointment for shots and a checkup. We had planned for Ethan, Mat and Meg to be at a day camp provided by one of the girls in the ward, but because we had a bit of pink eye, I had all 4 with me at the doctor's office that morning. As you can imagine, there was a great deal of "Hey, look at that" and "What does a fishy say?" and "Keep your hands of him/her" and "5...4...3....2..." and "(the sound of me deep breathing)". Eventually we get into the actual examination room. After negotiating where each child will sit and who gets to look at the one "Bible stories" book that is always there, we wait for the doctor. Suddenly Mat needs to go potty. We (the five of us) wander out to find the facilities and Mat goes in. Then Meg starts the piddle dance and we try to convince Mathew to hurry up...just as I hear Dr. Davis enter our exam room and wonder out loud where everone is. I'm trying to hustle Meg through the unbendable process that she has developed for going to the potty.
Back in the exam room, Dr. Davis starts to inquire after Laney's eating/pooping habits. Mathew brought his orange Vtech digital camera and he is taking photos of Dr. Davis as he is trying to give Laney her exam. The flashes are coming at a rapid pace. Ethan is no shrinking violet and has to have his say. He is telling the doctor all about his last horse show in a very loud voice. Meg has commandeered his swivel chair. Now you'll see why we go to Dr. Davis....he is a dad. He manages to carry on a conversation with me, show due fascination in Ethan's accomplishments and give Mathew several poses. He tells Laney that she needs to sleep more, mentions how cute her clothes are and aren't her eyes so very blue! Proclaims her absolutely healthy and gives me a smile of sympathy and encouragement before he's on the next patient. He never even asked Megan for his chair back. And to my credit...I never once collapsed in tears.
After Laney got her shots and she was crying, Mathew started singing "I Love to See the Temple" to calm her down. Ethan and Megan joined in. They were singing in a soft whisper and I thought it was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen my kids do. They were worried about their baby sis.
Why is it that babies are always extremely happy the morning of shots? They are laughing and cooing and making all sorts of developmental breakthroughs...then Wham!! Stabbed in the thigh! Then its a fever for two days and the long process of convincing her I can be trusted. Until she's six months old....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July all! We had a really fun day. Mark had a couple guys over in the early afternoon to do a garage band thingy. (Mark, you are welcome to edit my description of this event). It was very loud and very fun to have the firework festivities with live music!
Joel Rownak on keyboards. Mark played guitar and bass, his friend Brad McKasson played guitar and a neighbor of Joel's played drums.
I had Ethan take this photo so that I would be present in at least one of the hundreds of the pictures taken that day. Whoah! White leg alert. Those would glow in black light.
The missionaries (Elders Waller and Bracken) joined the festivities, much to the childrens delight. Elder Bracken has the energy of fourteen sunbeams. He'll do handstands, tag, airplane, and teach harmonica till he passes out. He was the main pre-firework entertainment.
All the neighbors in the cul de sac came out and we brought bbqs and lawn chairs. Everybody brought lots of food and we just enjoyed visiting with each other.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Fourth

Jennifer Squires, Steve Squires and Barth Harlen getting the charcoal ready for the many varieties of meat present.
A beautiful and very delicious desert provided by the Aquires across the way. There was so much food. We all grazed and grazed.
The kids decorated their bikes for a bike parade. We put rubber bands on their handle bars and they attached party streamers and whipped around. That event made more mess than the fireworks. Not to mention a great deal of flammable material in the landing zone.

Megan's favorite were the snappers that you throw on the ground. She wasn't able to throw hard enough to pop them so she would whip her leg straight up in the air and bring it down hard on that poor snap. It looked hilarious and did the trick.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And more Fourth...

Just felt the need to include a couple more cute photos. This one of Ethan really shows his personality. He is very sweet and thoughtful. He has a tender heart and hates the thought of any living thing being separated from its family. I love this kid! He helps me so much and I rely on him for alot.
This is the neighborhood baby lover, Gabi Harlen. She is not complete without a baby to fuss over. Luckily there are three now in the the cul de sac. Laney obviously doesn't mind a bit. Isn't she getting big? I can't believe we are almost to 4 the time does fly.