Saturday, June 28, 2008


As some of you know, Mark and I and Laneybug went to Montana over the weekend. Ethan, Mat and Megan had a big sleepover weekend with Grandma and Grandpa fields. It was so weird having just one kiddo to take care of! She got tons of attention and I got a nap! The memory of that nap will carry me through many a sleepless night in the future.
This is Lake McDonald at the tip of Glacier National Park. It is so beautiful there. It is in the mid 70's to 80's all summer long.

As we were driving though the park we noticed that everyone was pulled over and taking pictures of the scenery. As we pull up is was unimpressed with a piddly waterfall and said "I don't get the big deal." Then we realized that there was a big ole moose in the water right by the road. So we joined the wildlife rubberneckers and watch for a while.
Another beautiful view of Glacier National Park and a pic of Laney relaxing in her marble tub at the hotel.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mathew's birthday... FINALLY

Poor Mathew has always been the third and now the fourth in line for the yearly spring birthday extravaganza. Every year he is convinced it will never, ever be his birthday. So its always a little extra fun to be able to say, "Mathew! Today is YOUR birthday!" This year Mathew wanted to go to Chuck e Cheese, (in his words) "Where a kid can be a star!" Unfortunately, Momma was none too happy about the cash that would have to be shelled out for such an event. So instead, we had our neighbor friends join us for donuts and OJ on Friday morning and then we headed to The Cheese for kiddy video games and mock gambling. (My neighbor Jen and I noticed that most of the "games" are patterned after slot machines and other Las Vegas attractions.... nice). At 9:00 am the place is deserted and we were literally the only ones there. It was great!

Saturday night we had Mathew's birthday dinner: spaghetti and meatballs, of course. That child would eat that for every meal if he could. Thank heavens for Lycopene. Oh the guilt.
And for the finale, possible the wierdest looking soccer cake ever made. Hey, I tried my best. Those little pentagons are hard and once you get that black icing on there, there's no turning back. Next time maybe I'll try having one of our skilled Walmart ladies take care of it.
Mathew's birthday wish was either a Leapster or a 9 dollar squirt gun that shoots to the side and surprises the innocent. He agonized for days over the choice, but ultimately settled on the water gun! Hallelujah! He loves that thing. Happy big #5 Maffers.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ethans first horse show

This is a big day for Ethan. He participated in his first Equestrian show. Isn't he cute in his clothes? It was so hot and he had to wear all of that (he only whined a little bit).
Doesn't he look little on that huge horse? The horse's name is Hopper, although he usually rides Lady, a smaller white horse that was needed by another rider that day. I was glad, hopper makes for more impressive pics :)
Ethan is in the beginning rider group, so they are referred to as "Leadliners" because their trainers lead the horse around the ring and the riders show posture and balance. Notice that in English style riding there is no saddle horn to hold onto. The rider has to learn to balance and control the horse with their legs and the reigns.
At the end the riders line up for judging and the judges announce that they can't possibly choose between such high caliber contestants. Everyone gets a big silky blue ribbon. So fun. A great day for Ethan.