Thursday, March 3, 2011


I told one of the sisters in my ward that I would play my viola for the Relief Society activity tonight. We even practiced together last week. Then Mark went to New Jersey on business until Friday and I remembered that tonight is Mathew’s 2nd grade musical. He’s Hyena #1. I honestly cannot see myself going to a Relief Society activity while my Hyena #1 is saying his three lines and singing his jungle songs. I cannot see it.

So, like a complete flake, I called this sister and told her I wouldn’t be able to do it. I felt like a jerk and I know for a fact if I were her, I’d be seriously peeved with me.

Oh well. It’s New Jersey’s fault.

I also signed up to bring a cake to this RS activity. I did that mainly because I am in the throws of losing the baby weight and I really want some cake. So to sooth my conscience I am still making my cake and I’ll find someone to take it over for me. But not before I make use of one of the many valuable lessons I have learned from our good friends in the food industry…..


I really really really want some cake and I know sending over a cake with a slice missing is uncool. So I’ll just send over a smaller cake and no one will know the difference (except you, Regina, but fortunately you have a 2nd grader too. HA!) Then I can make our little cake fancy and we can use it to celebrated the successful execution of Mathew’s interpretation of Hyena #1.

Cake for me!

Cake for me!