Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The girls go to school...first day 2016

I remember when I dropped Ethan off late for his first day of middle school. That was the worst. Poor kid didn't have a chance to get his locker open before the first bell rang. 

Well, I learned my lesson. Megan was 20 minutes early today and even though it appeared that the parents were all walking their 6th graders to their classes she saw her friend and hopped out of the car before I had a chance to ask her if she wanted me to do that too. 

I'm so glad.

Because....that's weird. 

Back home, I go, to finish getting Anna and Laney ready for their first day.

Luckily, Laney drew Anna a map to help her find her classroom.

I love big kids.

How great are those silver star pants?

And if there was ever a girl who needs a a blue-eyed wolf shirt for her first's this girl.

Ha! We were so early, we scored a rock picture. On the first day!

We are totally winning.

Anna used her trusty map....and the second she walked through those doors, she handed it to me. "Here, Mom...I'm done with this."

You got it, girlie!

Laney found a friend sometime after the rock photo and she bolted off to her class without me. By the time I got there she was already working on a word search.

Then I remembered she was supposed to bring 3 books for her reading cubby.

Dang it! We were so close to pulling this morning off without a hitch.

Eh, who cares!? There's always tomorrow.  We have plenty of time to mess things up.

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