Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nearing the end....gotta get it done!

Now, I know I said that we only need to go to the Drive-in to complete our Summer Bucket List, but actually we still have one other thing....Minute-to-Win-it games. 

They sound so simple. The perfect FHE activity...right? 

Yes. Except I don't have any of the things that 99% of the minute-to-win-it games require...balloons, straws, paper cups, candies, empty tissue boxes, you name it.

So this is our last day at home and we are gonna run to the store for a few supplies.

And as long as we are picking up Skittles, we should do this cool thing I saw on the internet:

Skittles and warm water...very cool!

We played the skittle/straw game:

And we played this other game with paper cups and balloons that was 100% successful and reducing my kids to tears because it was so hard.

And eventually we decided that it would be fun to build cup towers and see how high we could get.

Not exactly minute-to-win-it, but close enough!

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