Friday, December 16, 2016

Super Fun night...Christmas edition

I haven't figured out a lot of the parenting things. 

For one, how do you get your kids to care about giving gifts to each other? Do you bring it up? Do you ask them to make something homemade? Do you give them money and drive them to the store and make suggestions so they don't end up wasting money on some weird thing that they would like more than their sibling? Or do you just forget it and let it happen naturally. 

I really don't have the answers to these questions. 

But this year, in an effort to have them invest a bit more into the gifts that they get for their "person", we held one of our Super Fun Movie Nights to help them earn the money for their Christmas shopping. 

We watched the Good Dinosaur and set up several different play stations: 

Ice Cream Shop:

Train Depot:

Puzzles pajamas:

Medieval Castle:

Need a break from the crazy:

and Sugar Cookie Redemption:

Everyone survived and we made enough for each kid to spend about $15 dollars on their person. I like it!

Now we just have to find some way to get them all to the store without taking 6 separate trips and without giving away any surprises.

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