Tuesday, December 20, 2016

She's here!!! Let's make bread.

Mom arrived yesterday and we quickly inducted her into our advent rotation. Finally, I can give her that box of mint shortbread cookies that I have eaten three times and had to drive back to the store to replace. I need help!

I've noticed that I've let a lot of our old traditions fall by the wayside this year. I think it's because what I really want to do is just hang out with my mom! Why run to the plaza to battle the traffic and look at the same old lights when I can have the expert teach the kids (and me) how to make braided bread the REAL way. 

We discovered that a teenage man-child is key in developing the necessary elasticity for awesome bread.

He can really SLAM it!

I love having her here and I am relishing the opportunity to relive some of the traditions she started for us when we were kids and that have become a part of my own children's childhoods.

I can't think of anything better.

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