Monday, December 12, 2016

Dear Neighbors, it's okay to spit it out.

No procrastinating the sugar cookies this year! We need a treat to deliver to the neighbors(the advent calender said so), a treat for Family Home Evening and an activity....for Family Home Evening. Sugar cookies qualify for all three.
See how I'm getting smarter every year? I used to put multiple activities in each pocket. Now I make one activity satisfy multiple expectations.

The little girls and I did the cutting and baking early in the day. It's better this way. You know what they say about cooks in the kitchen. 

Later, everyone was able to decorate their allotted cookies. We've learned our lesson about an ounce of organization saving you from a pound of fights.

They turned out pretty cute! Simple and tasty. Or maybe just simple. After dropping them off to 6 or 7 of the families that we live by every day, we bit into our own cookies and I realized (with horror) that they were TERRIBLE. Possible the nastiest cookies I've ever had. And I've snarfed up my share of sub-par cookies in my life.

Maybe we should start a new tradition of ding dong ditching our neighbor gifts. Deniability is the key here.

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