Monday, September 5, 2016

Patriotism, hoarding and a peace rose

I've been busy sewing military patches onto Ethan's coat. His winter coat...which he wears in the dead heat of summer because he loves the military. He loves soldiers and guns and veterans and uniforms. He is completely into it. So I'm helping him sew on these patches because I love the kid. 

I've also been trying to convince Everly to stop eating all the frosting off of the Blueberry Miniwheats.

I'll keep trying.

I planted a peace rose years ago and it's been on the brink of death ever since. But this year it made up its mind to live! And it's been blooming all summer. Ethan has been bringing them in and putting them in vases. Every time I look at one it makes me smile and think of my dad.

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