Thursday, September 22, 2016

4 things

1. The girls are writing.

They are writing furiously....every chance they get.

Megan is working on a book about a squirrel (Tuft) whose best friend is his own tail. The tail's name is Tucker.

Laney is writing about two blue jays name Lily and Mallyson. They have a run in with a falcon and a flock of cardinals.

They are so excited about their developing stories. They come home from school and grab their notebooks. They write and laugh and squeal to themselves when they have a fun plot idea. They read us their latest chapters at dinner.

I love it so much.

2. Mathew's hair is getting curly! I tell him that he gets it from me. And I got it from my dad. And that makes him smile.

3. I found one of Everly's love notes nearby.  Rolled up all "love note" style.

Inside was a picture of me and Everly. I looks like a cloudy day....

It also would appear that I have 4 arms. Which means she thinks I need 4 arms, or she thinks I have 4 arms. 

Maybe I should ask for an extra set for Christmas.

4. I have reached the point in life where I find it almost impossible to sit still and not fall asleep. 

I've fallen asleep twice since I started writing this. 

I'm supposed to go pick up kids from school in 20 minutes and I'm thinking I better set an alarm on my phone, just in case I nod off again.

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