Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mark is 39! 2

Since Mark missed the last half of his ACTUAL birthday, we though we should stretch it out into a two day spread. We had so so so much scheduled today, but we managed to hang up his car balloons and do a pick up of the main floor before we ran off to a ward baptism. 

As soon as he and Mat came home from camping today, we made homemade pizza and no salad. 

He introduced Laney to the "ridin in a buggy" hand hold... he makes me do it all the time in the car. Just to see how long I'll last before I get too embarrassed. 

And no daddy birthday would be the same without his favorite cake: Chocolate Lover's!

The boys led out the singing with joy!

And intensity!

Mark joined in with his very own "Happy Birthday, to me!!"

Expertly blowing out all candles, as expected.

Realizing that there's a good chance there will be some trick candles in the mix...

He watches closely and extinguishes the rogue flames quickly. The kids scream in delight!

And he conquers! (I love that face.)

We called a few friends and they came over to munch on foods that are bad for you and watch the Ohio game. The game never started due to a rain delay, but we still had a great time hanging out with the Flynns and the Clarkes.

It was a super busy day and I'm pretty sure I didn't sit down once. I am totally completely exhausted and I'm so happy that Mark had a fun birthday. I do love him so. to bed.

Oh dangit! I forgot to prepare my singing time again!

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