Friday, September 9, 2016

Crazy hair day...fair warning

Our past efforts with "Crazy Hair Day" have been hit and miss. Putting cups on top of your head and trying to cover it in hair is tricky business. I can't imagine trying to wear that all day long and concentrate on school. Which is why I'm never surprised to see my girls come home with their crazy do's all undone. 

Yesterday (miraculously) Laney reminded me that Crazy hair day was on Friday. So we did what we do when we need a quick idea. Pinterest. My goal was to find something fun, easy, and hopefully free. The more comfortable, the better. 

Anna decided on a mermaid and Laney chose a dog. The only thing I had to buy was the green hair spray and some hair clips to attach the eyes and ears to her hair. Not bad!

I'll admit, the morning was a tiny bit stressful, trying to add this to our normal "get-out-the-door" madness, but it was worth it to see them hop out of the car, excited to show their friends.

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