Thursday, July 7, 2016

Utah trip to Bryce Canyon!

Thursday morning and we were up! I packed the car this time...and I think my Tetris skill really shine through here. I didn't have room for all the camping food I bought at Macey's, so I put a bunch in front of Everly's seat...that will work pretty well until her legs grow longer.

Compared to the lengthy drive out to Utah, this 3 hour excursion was NUTHIN! We barely got in the car and BAMMO!.. we were taking a selfie in front of hoodoos.

It wasn't time to check into our hotel yet, so we started driving up Bryce Canyon hoping to figure out what is cool to see. We also needed to find a picnic table to have....more sandwiches (I think me and sandwiches need a little space).

We looked on our little map and found a little picnic table symbol that showed where you could pull over got it...a picnic.

The first one was in the middle of a bunch of trees that had recently be burned down.

We opted to drive on.

And we just kept driving till we go to the very top (that's where the next picnic table symbols were!) and we got this beautiful view at Rainbow Point.

We headed back down to check into the hotel and got exactly what we paid for.....70 bucks a night will get you this:

The room was not much bigger than what you see in the picture. We were right on top of each other for 4 nights. Luckily there was a living room of sorts that about 12 rooms shared. We spent alot of time there.

We walked over to the hotel restaurant  and had a pretty good meal. Everly ate up everybody's carrots and Mathew ordered some fried chicken.

With extra drips.

We decided to head out for an easy hike to Mossy Cave...Ethan opted for a nap in the motel.

It was less than a mile and BEEEautiful.

Mark looking for a perfect rock to collect from the hike.

We drove back to the hotel to pick up Ethan and discovered that he accidentally got locked out of the room a few minutes after we left....heh heh.

Then we headed up the canyon a ways to find a good spot to watch the Milky Way come out.

We were on a scenic pull out, and there were cars going by pretty fast. I was a little freaked out about one of them plowing into us on accident, but mostly it was nice.

We were laying on our blankets and laughing about thinking that planes were shooting stars. I think it is one of my favorite things we've done together.

It was a beautiful day and I was so happy to spend it with my family.

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