Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Utah 2016...Hanging about with cousins

As a photographer, I vacillate between taking a shocking amount of pictures and taking none at all in order to full enjoy the experience. Sometimes my phone just stays in my pocket! Which is what happened from Monday to Wednesday. And I'm kicking myself for it. Because I got to spend time with Bri and her cute kids and then we had a potluck and lit off a lovely collection of fireworks purchased at Macey's... a Utah county tradition!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I found this one on Mark's phone of me and the littles riding the train at the FreedomFest where Amanda was working her magical face-painting powers. 

I'd like to trade this one in for a cute selfie of me and Bri. doh!

I also lifted this one of Bri and Amanda off their facebook page.  I was sitting right by them and that's my that's something, right?

Now, close your eyes and imagine you are eating a delicious deviled egg...and some equally delicious Orange Fluff....It's like you're there!

Monday was also my dad's birthday, so I popped on my running shoes and had a nice jog down to the cemetery right about sundown. I never have much to say when I get there, because I figure he is just as likely to be running along side me as anywhere else. was a chance to say hello.

Tuesday passed in a blur of errands and hanging about with cousins. At one point the older girls set up a spa. It was a bit pricey and included such services as back scratches and toe popping. The cost was out of my budget until I was informed that by "dollars" they really meant goldfish, which they would also by providing...

Sign me up!

Mark went for the shoulder rub/toe popping package. Them's brave girls.

Wednesday morning we got our preparations done for camping and then packed a picnic for the park with Amanda, Quentin and Thomas. The Blanchard kids had stayed behind with Grandma while Jordan and Cheyanne ended up at LDS hospital because she was having such a hard time.

We only managed to lose Annie once! hee hee! Luckily she wasn't really lost. She was simply with Mathew looking for Ethan just like I asked them to not 5 minutes earlier and I just have a terrible short-term memory.

hee hee. Whoops.

With Annie safe, we quit while we were ahead and went back to mom's.

Amanda transformed all the kids into their choice of furry creature. She really is incredibly talented and FAST!

I'm in awe.

The kids were more than happy to prowl about and have a photo shoot. Laney never disappoints.  You can tell Megan is debating whether she is perhaps reached a level of too-coolness for all of this.

Mid pounce!

Even the boys found a way to participate in there own manly ways.

The Cubbies!

The night isn't over! Coming evening of Huffords. And fire. And rough-housing....always rough-housing.

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