Friday, July 22, 2016

Garden 2016

Last year the garden was less than impressive. The rain was great. SOOO much rain. 

No sunshine. 

And no tomatoes. BOOOO!

This year things are looking up. This tomato hear already makes this way better than last year. I ate that right after I took it's portrait.

The beans are looking good! They are begging to be sauteed with garlic!

The blackberries are coming on and I'm hopeful that we'll get to eat a few...after the birds have their pick, of course.

The row of green onions is going to seed, so I'm bending them the side to seed a whole new fresh row. Old green onions aren't very I'll pull this row out as soon as I get the new one going. 

A couple weeks later and we have....cucumbers and green peppers. So many. 

And a couple weeks after that, we have more tomatoes, onions, beets, more green peppers and cucumbers, a good amount of green beans and a handful of blackberries. Gardening is the best. And one of the only redeeming qualities of Kansas in July.

I love looking out the window to find one of the kids grazing on the peas or blackberries.

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