Friday, March 11, 2016

No longer stickin it to the man

When it comes to participating in school fundraisers, my kids know that they might as well hand it straight back to their teacher. I refuse to let the kids sell things to our families and neighbors. It's my way of stickin it to the man! We will not blindly hawk your wares!

But Mathew is a salesman at heart. He convinced me to let him sell cookie dough in the fall and he did an amazing job.  He went door to door and politely talked to the neighbors. He was kind and happy if they declined to buy and he did a bang up job of following through. I was impressed.

So, when the candy bar fundraiser rolled around, I knew he would want to do it. I agreed to put the word out on facebook and he had sold 2 entire boxes (140 candy bars!) in a day. It didn't hurt that he did some pretty good business with his brothers and sisters. It's hard to resist spending your allowance on chocolate when it's right there in front of you.

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