Saturday, March 5, 2016

Meadowlark Quartet

There are two things in my life that I do to remind me that I am Maren
Not mom. 
Not "Sister Hufford".
Not "hey, where's my lunch?!" 

One is Crossfit.

The other is Meadowlark Quartet. 

We started playing together a couple years ago and we occasionally play at church or for a wedding or charitable event. 

But pretty much we just get together every Thursday night and talk and play and talk some more. 

I love it....and sometimes I hate it. (It depends on how much I've practiced.)

So after about a year of working on the same (crazy difficult) pieces, we decided it was time to play them for somebody. Anybody!

So we rented a recital hall, picked a day, begged Leslie (Nate's wife) to make us a cool flyer with a retro design, made cookies and showed up on the designated night!

If we hadn't, we would still be playing the same Mendelssohn and Haydn that we've been practicing for a year and a half.  So here's to getting new music soon!

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