Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter!

Don't you love that part where the kids come down in the morning and find their baskets and they start to look through them and it's so fun to see them excited about their Easter gifts and snuggle down in the couch in their jammies to have some chocolate for breakfast and the whole day is just super relaxed and we have a nice family day that culminates in a pot roast supper and.....


Not this year...because we are Mormons and we have choir practice at 8 am and it's going to take 30 minutes to drive there. And once we get there we will hope and pray that the kids won't burn the place to the ground while we try to polish up the songs we are supposed to perform during Sacrament meeting. Oh! And don't forget your viola because you are playing prelude with the ward orchestra....and for sure  you should remember all your visual aids for the Easter themed singing time you prepared and the plastic tote with jingle bells and shaker eggs that the nursery kids love for their own special singing time. 

And don't forget to put that roast beef in the oven because the only thing more stressful that getting that done before church is trying to think of something else to make when dinner rolls around....ROLLS! Don't forget to get the rolls in the breadmaker. Everybody knows that Easter dinner just isn't the same without fresh, hot rolls.

Once the kids are all in the car, you can run back in to "get something" and set out their baskets so they can find them and be excited when we all get home from church. 

And maybe you can grab a power nap while they sort their Easter goodies. 

Sadly, Laney wasn't able to join in any of our Easter fun or craziness...she was under the weather with a stomach bug. And in this house that means complete quarantine.

But no one ever said anything about lingering for a game of pretend in the doorway...

We did it. We pulled it all off and now we will take our own baskets (featuring various dark chocolates, Jordan almonds, obscene quantities of Ferrero Rocher and turtles) to a quiet spot and count our blessings.

Not the least of which is that we have each other. 

And we have homemade rolls, to boot.

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