Monday, March 21, 2016

Grandma and kites, papusas and pie

One of the great things about kids reaching milestones, is that my mom comes to town. Which means I get to monopolize her time and keep her up late talking. The kids love it because she is willing to play games with them....something I gave up long ago, unless it's super fast. Like slap jack or Sorry! with only one game piece instead of 4.

This trip, she bought the kids these great kites. And it was a perfect day for flying....maybe even a little too windy. She showed us how to tie the tail together for better stability:

One of the kites flew beautifully and stayed up the whole time.

The other seemed to have a defect in the design, but Mathew tinkered with it and untangled it time after time when it plummeted to the ground. He wouldn't give up on that kite and he was rewarded with a single flight that lasted for a few minutes.  Look at the pride!

The girls enjoyed the sun and escaped the wind by laying close to the ground.  On top of me, naturally.

Even Everly got a chance to hold the strings.
I love this photo.

It was a gorgeous day.

And too soon, it was time for Mom to leave. So we went out to El Salvadorena for papusas and across the street to The Upper Crust to split a mini berry pie.

And it was so delicious.  I'm still thinking about that pie and trying to find the perfect time to go back for more.

In fact, I think it would be a good reason for her to come back for a visit!

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