Thursday, March 17, 2016

Looking for something to do

It's Spring Break. 

The week will soon be over and the kids are going to go back to school and then their teachers are going to go around the classroom and ask each child to say what they did for Spring Break and if I'm not careful mine are going to say, "I mostly just ate cereal out of tupperware and watched youtube videos of other people playing video games."

This cannot happen. 

So we're going to go ride the ferris wheel at Scheel's sporting goods store. 

We convinced McKenzie Clarke to tag along and met the Guenthers there. Friends make fun things funner!

My big kids paired with some of Mari's little kids so that everyone could go. Mat and Kate:

Ethan and Megan:

Laney went with McKenzie, I took Everly and Anna, Mari had her two boys, Seth and Aaron, and Ryan didn't want any part of it.

Which I thought was silly until I started going UP. At which time I realized that I had made a huge mistake. That Ryan is a smart kid. Do you see Mari's face? That's a face of a mother who is wondering how the heck she is going to save herself and both of those boys when this wheel falls of its axis and starts rolling down the street.

I absolutely related to that face.

I had to ask for a refund for the second ride's tokens I had prepurchased.  Because I am never doing that again.

I would like all of my kids to solemnly swear that they are going to remember this always and share all the details with their classmates come Monday morning.

Cross your heart.

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