Saturday, March 26, 2016

An art lesson

Sometimes my kids want to do things with me and, at first, I just really don't want to. Sometimes I might even procrastinate or distract them in hopes that they will forget about what they are asking me. 

I'm not proud of it.

But Laney is a very determined girl. And when she wants to hold an art lesson for the "entire family" should get out the paper and pencils because it's GONNA HAPPEN.

She learned how to draw a raccoon with a background of leaves and she was dying to help us draw one too.

And, you was fun! I liked seeing how everyone had a different idea of what their raccoon should be.

I gave Everly a couple of pieces of paper and let her "scribble" while we were listening to the instructions. And to my absolute amazement and delight, she produced her own raccoon! She was following each step!

About halfway through, Mark abandoned his raccoon and decided to start again. He googled a real raccoon and created his own. He's always been a nonfiction guy.

I think I will say "yes" more often. Might as well get credit for a good attitude.

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