Sunday, April 24, 2016

Megan and Mark's super duper trip to Cincinnati!

April 22nd. 6 am. 

They're off!

There was 10 hours of this:

But then, the reward.....skyline chili. I can't think of a better kid to go out for skyline. She is a true connoisseur.

Then to Mark's old high school job...Aglamesis Bros. We feel it is the best ice cream on this planet.

The Kentucky Bridge.

Going to cheer on the Cubbies at the Reds stadium.

It made all the difference. Cubbies won!

Here's a snapshot of them singing "Take me out to the ballgame"....complete with a loud "CUBBIES!" inserted in its rightful place. 

The Kentucky Bridge at night.

Megan at the beginning of her first real rollercoaster experience....King's Island!

The Vortex. She looks so unaware of what is about to happen to her. She did not like it.

NO, not at all.

The racers. She says she "wasn't a fan".

Time to get back to what really made her happy.

Then they took another detour over to a movie theater to see "Zootopia"....and have a huge bucket of popcorn.

Then back to King's Island, where they settled on Adventure Express and bumper cars to bring out "just enough" thrill ride without the stark terror.

Leave it to Mark to figure out a way to get a big carnival prize....just make sure that you and your daughter are the only people in the race. One of you is gonna win.


They stayed and watched the fireworks show and then for a late dinner (how can they be hungry?) at O'Charlies. 

The next day was the drive home and facetiming with the fam. 

It was a trip to remember. Great memories made and some serious treats were consumed.

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