Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas jammies and surprise

Anna first this year! And she gets cinderella jammies.

Laney lifting the lid. Making the anticipation last.

Sparkly narwhal!

Megan gets snuggly grey and black (she seems to be following in my footsteps. Stylewise anyway.)

Ethan gets super soft sweats and teal t-shirt. No more firetrucks or choo choos.

Everly is snoozing away, so we'll pray that she doesn't wake up screaming and can open her box soon.

Mathew gets and blue athletic shirt and black pants with white stripes down the leg. No more ninjas. Nor more Spiderman.

Mark gets to open the fancy hat-box...

And here he is in his Christmas Vacation t-shirt. I think he likes it!

I got these super stripey jammies! They are funny. And definitely not slimming.

Christmas is tomorrow!!!


And Everly is up! She's feeling pretty good and Ethan helps her open her box.

Purple Bambi jammies!

We finish the night with some yummy braided bread...

And some surprise carolers....

That is the first time we've ever had carolers come to our house! I cried and took a video. Mark threw coats on the big kids and went with them to the next house.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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