Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving dinner starts at 1:30....but it always starts WAY before that with the rolls. We must have lots and lots of homemade rolls and since I only know one way to make amazing rolls (breadmaker) and each batch takes 2 hours, I had to get going pretty early to make the 5 batches I was figuring we'd need. Our family can eat an entire batch with no problem....and that's on a regular-non-feasting day. 

4 families = 5 batches = 10 hours = up at 3 am + cooking one batch at the Flynns - one roll Todd stole before I could get out the door.....

(I may have sampled one or two as well. This is not a confession.)

The girls were fascinated with the bursting cranberries...

The turkey turned out really good! I think it helped that Mike McCauley taught me the fancy trick of jamming lots of butter and salt under the skin. It turns a roasted chicken into a roasted chicken. 

And it works on turkeys too!

The Huffords, the Hursts, the Flynns, and the Fennixes dishing up.

Somehow all the adults ended up at the kids table.  It was cozy, but my carpet was glad.

After dinner activities included dishes, football, video games....

And so much dessert. 

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