Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Anna turns 6...a rough start and a strong finish

We got up early early to make Anna's birthday feel super special. We back a batch of cinnamon struesel mini muffins and decorate her bedroom door with streamers. 

We failed to factor in one tiny thing....Anna isn't a morning person. And she sometimes doesn't think surprises are that exciting.

So when we called to her, "OH, ANNA! Wake Uhup!!" She screamed and buried her head in her pillow.

Then she broke into tears and screamed at us.

She refused to come out and she was not at all interested in any stupid little muffins.

So we went done and had a few ourselves. Because....I was hungry. And so were the other kids and we've learned that the best way to weather an Anna storm is to let it blow over.

And sure enough...soon she had sheepishly apologized and she was ready for her run.

We forgave. How could we not? Look at that happy six-year old face!!

And then she reconsidered her stand on the muffin issue.

She was off to her first birthday at school experience. She had donuts for her whole class and she was feeling super fine.

We made her favorite dinner of pork chops (apples and pecans on the side), cous cous, fresh fruit salad and baby carrots. 

A cake of her design. She was going for the "more is better" look. It turned out pretty cute!

She worked her magic over the flames while we sand "Happy Birthday".

She got a reindeer hat

A copy of "The BFG"

And her own scooter!

Happy Birthday, Anna Banana! You are fierce and feisty and we love you just the way you are!

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