Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ring out, wild bells

Sometimes we find ourselves doing something and have to ask ourselves, "What the heck?"

Like the time you drop off your son to bell choir practice (also strange) and before you know it you are a member too.

I see you, Diana. Don't give me that innocent look. I'm on to you, you sneaky lady.

I still think it's strange that that big tan teenage boy is my child. I mean, LOOK at him! 

He's a manchild!

We performed on June 5th. It was scary. I was not at all confident that we would be able to get through any of the songs without starting over.....mainly because we hadn't yet done that with any degree of consistency. 

Evelyn, Ethan, and Jim on the low bells.

I don't know, nice guy I don't know, Amy, Diana and other lady I don't know.

Yet another lady I don't know, me (that looks like my disgusted's actually my concentration face...same face).

The truth is, I really like it. It was fun and something I've never tried before. It gave me and Ethan some to laugh and bond over....but, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR BELLS.

Ask me again when I retire!

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