Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A massive summer wrap up.

I think it's safe to say that the summer blogging got the best of me.

By the time we did everything, I didn't have the gusto to blog about everything. You know how it is.

But Christmas is coming up and that means it's time to print out the blog for the year and I gotta get it all in.  So I'm just gonna go for it.

This was the rest of summer (at least the parts I have photos of and I can still remember):

We went to this baseball game. It was fun and I have no idea what the name of the team was. It was KC's minor league team....anyone? anyone?

I was more focused on the nachos.

And the snowcones.

And the cotton candy.

And how cute my husband is.

We also found time during the summer to do a few crafts...shirtless, of course.

I made an overabundance of jam. They are jam junkies, these Huffords of mine.

I made up a fun little game called "Who wants to pick out of the jar?" wherein a child says, "ME! ME!" and then the lucky winner will pick one of the papers out of our cookie jar that has a job on it and we all run and do that job really fast and then the next kid gets to pick. It is a totally fun game.

I'm positive they loved it.

We did some intense bird-watching. Mostly when we were out and about.  

Here's a yellow one. That is the scientific name. 

There was also this weird guy sitting on top of our trampoline net. I think he was asleep. Mom....this is the one I was telling you about. Any idea what it is? I'll make it really big so you can get a good look...

 (I'll call you tomorrow and we'll discuss.) (Love you!)

Mat ran in his first race! He got a medal....and a taste for the glory!

And then he attached his tooth to one end of a string and the other end to a door-knob. It was a busy day.

We spent some quality time with this awesome lady:

And I tried to end the misery that is co-sleeping...

 We're still working on it....

We spent a some time hopping around the play area at the nearby scary mall. It's the kid of place that you have a hard time picturing actual shoppers coming there to do actual shopping.

We made butter. 

Ate our fair share of treats.

We took a trip to the fountains at Crown Center with Regina and her kids and the whole lot of them spent the entire time stalking the little birds that hop around and eat scraps from Panera.

Unfortunately we didn't escape the summer without making the long walk of shame up to the prize counter at Chuck E Cheese.  Nobody's perfect.

There you have it! Summer wrap up finished! You deserve something cool to drink...or maybe a nice cup of cocoa. 

You are excused.


  1. I am proud to admit I am a blog stalker. You make me laugh. I loved "walk of shame" and the games you play to help your kids make chores fun. You are such a great mom! Thanks for being a great example. Your jam looks beautiful.

  2. I think the baseball team is the T-Bones. In case you care... :)
    Your blog always makes me laugh, too!

  3. That would have to be a tufted tit mouse. (Blushing)