Friday, February 12, 2016


Tomorrow I will be 40.

But tonight I celebrate.

I want Pork Barbacoa. I want tacos. I want everyone I know to come and have some kind of meat in some kind of tortilla at our house.

And because I'm a lucky girl, they did. 78 people did,  to be exact...

L to R: Devin and Kelley Wilkes, Anne Murphy.

Julia McCauley and Mari Guenther....(Julia is probably looking for the quickest escape route...crowds are not her thing. Which says what a great friend she is that she would step into this madness for me!)

Cameron McDonald, Kevin Murphy and Adam Johnson (Bruce Hurst and Martin Guenther in the background)

Martin, Todd and Courtney Flynn, Mike McCauley and Mark

Bruce Hurst, Jason Fugett and Charles Andrews....Chris Diggins seated.

Banana splits for dessert!! So many people!

Chris Diggins and Martin Player

Carrie Diggins, Breckann Player, Megan, Wesley, Brinlee and Makena Ranzenberger, Mari scooping ice cream, Emma Flynn sticking out her tongue and Lori McDonald with Jamon on her lap...Martin talking to Nate Hurst and lots of people in the background.

Ethan playing light sabers with Aaron Guenther.

Devin, Kelley, Anne, Martin and Breckann

Coutney and Mari

Me and my new favorite birthday shirt.

I loved the whole night. I loved that I got to have so many good friends all under our roof and we got to eat delicious food. I loved their kids squealing and running around with my kids. I loved hearing them talk to each other and share stories.

It was exactly what I wanted because it reminded me how much I have to be grateful for.
I've had a beautiful forty years and I am looking forward to what's next :)

Happy Birthday to me!

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