Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Happy Easter! 

Everly looking through her carefully chosen non-food Easter items. Is there any freaking chocolate in here?

It looks like Anna made short work of her basket. She shows very little remorse.

Laney discovers the confetti eggs!

Confetti eggs are best when thrown at the ceiling!

Megan learns that even the Easter Bunny cares that she lost her earbuds for school.

Mathew realizes that unless he speaks up, he is destined to receive pop tarts and butterscotch candies for the rest of his natural life. Do it quick, Mat! Just ask Grandma Jean and her expensive collection of pigs.

Even big boys need somewhere safe to keep their monies.

Oh man. Confetti eggs.

I've never been one to invest in new Sunday clothes for Easter. $$!

But Megan made sure Everly had that extra fancy touch this morning before church.

We made plans to go to the Flynns for Easter dinner, and we were responsible for the mashed potatoes (Mark makes the best mashed potatoes ever), rolls (just as long as that bread maker keeps kickin) and a dessert.  Anna offered to chop up the strawberries.

I thought she could handle a knife.

And I was right! She chopped up almost two pounds of berries and made my job so much easier.

While we spent time visiting, the older kids hid and rehid eggs for the little ones to find. We love the Flynns!

Happy Easter!

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