Friday, April 7, 2017

Ethan's 16th...John Mayer Concert

Ethan turns 16 this year.

Just let that sink in for a minute. I can't tell him he's too young to date anymore. Of course, there's the little detail of having no driver's it's yer bike or yer mom. Fun!

We decided for his birthday we would get him tickets to a John Mayer concert and because we finally live somewhere that John Mayer feels so inclined to come play, we were successful!

I'm not positive that going to a concert with your mom is every 16 year old's idea of a perfect evening, but he took it in stride and we had a great time. We stopped off for some burgers at Freddy's first. Ethan ordered both fries AND onion rings. But he got all judgy with me for getting a root beer instead of water. For reals!

He has his dad's talent for avoiding normal expressions in photographs.

But I like his new smile, and I managed to get one out of him when I threatened to hack into his Facebook account and update his profile picture with one of my new collection.

And then he saw a corvette out the window...

We drove up to the Sprint Center and found a place to park. I'm old, so I took a photo of the street we parked on because I new I'd never remember.

Did I mention that we left SUPER early? I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to find parking, or maybe take a wrong turn, or perhaps there would be construction, or what if.....?

Even so we were in a big ole line to get in. I tried to take our picture in front of the Sprint Center, but mainly succeeded in featuring this blond woman and embarrassing Ethan. I'm super cool!

Before you know it were were sitting in our seats at the tippy tippy top of a very large arena. It was one of those places that make you feel like if you were to lose your balance, you would roll all the way down like a giant tumbleweed and plummet to your death on the next level down. Don't tell me it doesn't happen. I've seen videos!

Did I mention how early we were? We sat down and we still had 30 minutes before the truly terrible opening band came out on stage.

So we had fun with the camera. I was thinking it would be nice to have a cute picture of the two of us...sans blond woman.

Ethan smiled nicely until just a millisecond before I took the photo.

My personal favorite:

A closer look: I really think this is a facebook profile contender....

If you can't beat em...

Eventually I wore him down....

And because the heavens were feeling generous, the entire place was packed....except for the two seats right in front of us. FOOT RESTS!!

After we suffered through the markedly awkward opening act. It was time for John Mayer.

He's our favorite!!!

He didn't disappoint.  It was so fun to be there together and have this thing in common. Ethan is a really funny person and he is figuring himself out in his own way. I'm getting used to having my kids grow up and start having their own thoughts and ideas about the world around them and where they fit into all of it. It's scary. And it's fantastic.

What a great night! I even let him talk me into taking him to get a hot fudge sundae on the way home.  Why not!?

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