Friday, September 25, 2015

We'll just dip our toes in....

Summer is coming to and end. We've been in school for over a month and we are back in the swing of our routine: early morning seminary, after school sports, co op, preschool, homework. 

And driving!!!

Driving myself anywhere I want to go. 

So we drove on out to Lake Olathe to enjoy the sand and have a picnic. We brought our digging tools, but no suits or towels because we wouldn't be getting in the water.

Holy smokes. She's a beauty. 

Anna enjoyed her sandwich with a healthy sprinkling of sand.

They settled in to soak up the sun. We've been indoors a lot, due to the broken arm thing on top of the school everyday thing. You can only walk around the block so many times.

Pretty soon they had their shoes off and their pants rolls up.

And in no time at all they were:

Oh well, who are we kidding?

Might as well go for it.

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